Texas Class Action Lawyers: Why Trial Power Is Your Best Bet

Class action lawsuits typically involve a large number of plaintiffs, all of whom share the same grievance and are represented by the same lawyer. Since these lawsuits are typically brought against large companies or multinational corporations, it’s crucial to choose a lawyer who is capable of handling these cases and can get the best results possible.

Why Trial Power Is Your Best Bet for Class Action Lawsuits


The people behind Trial Power – Dana Kirk and Denman Heard – are two of the most successful Texas class action lawyers with over 50 years of collective trial experience. They have both handled several high-profile, large-scale class action lawsuits over the years and recovered millions in damages for their clients.

This is prudent, because an inexperienced Texas class action lawyer – no matter how knowledgeable and skilled they are – might find it extremely difficult to handle a class action lawsuit, due to its sheer scale and complexity.

Ability to Handle a Diverse Range of Cases

The ability to handle a wide range of class action suits is what separates great Texas class action lawyers like Dana Kirk and Denman Heard from the rest. They have the expertise, resources, and experience needed to handle class action suits related to:

  • Defective products
  • Dangerous drugs
  • Chemical and toxic exposures
  • Mesothelioma
  • Industrial accidents
  • And much more


This is perhaps the most important factor you should take into account while choosing a Texas class action lawyer. Not every personal injury might have the resources needed to properly investigate, litigate, and resolve a class action lawsuit.

Trial Power has the resources and connections needed to handle large scale class action lawsuits. The best part about Trial Power is that it combines the resources of two of the most successful personal injury law firms in Texas: Kirk Law Firm and Heard Law Firm.

The Texas class action lawyers at Trial Power have access to an army of experts including private investigators, subject matter experts, engineers, tech professionals, industry insiders, medical professionals, and others. They can get inputs from the best minds in different industries, based on which they can build a watertight case against the defendants.

Even if your lawsuit takes years to resolve, the Texas class action lawyers at Trial Power will bear all the expenses associated with the litigation process and will get paid only after a settlement or verdict is reached. 

Committed to Fighting for People’s Rights and Interests

The Texas class action lawyers at Trial Power are committed to fighting for the rights and interests of people who are harmed or wronged by the negligence or callousness of others. So, when you hire a lawyer from Trial Power, you can be sure that you are represented by someone who is committed to helping you get justice and is willing to go the extra mile for you.

Contact Trial Power Today for Experienced Texas Class Action Lawyers 

The civil litigators at Trial Power are highly knowledgeable, have decades of trial experience, and are best-equipped to handle all kinds of class action lawsuits. Our track record of verdicts and settlements in large civil claims is outstanding. 

Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our seasoned Texas class action lawyers. 

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