Defective 3M Earplugs Lawyer: What Kind of Damages Can You Seek?

If you are a serving or former member of the US military, and if you have developed hearing related problems due to wearing 3M earplugs, you might have a claim against the company and might be entitled to damages.

With the help of a skilled defective earplugs lawyer, you can hold the company accountable for your hearing impairment and get the compensation you deserve.

The Case against 3M

Between 2003 and 2015, 3M supplied earplugs to the members of the US military. These were dual ended earplugs, which were designed for the purpose of blocking out excessively loud noises like gunshots, explosions, aircraft takeoff and landing noise, and more.

The problem – as claimed by servicemen who have filed claims against 3M all over the country with the help of defective earplugs lawyers – is that the earplugs could not be fit properly into the ear. After a brief period of being in the ear canal, it would loosen and fail to filter out loud noises.

The worst part in this whole fiasco is that the servicemen who were wearing the devices did not even realize that they were being subjected to loud noises that could affect their hearing. They believed that the equipment would work as intended and that they were protected against the deafening noises in the battlefield.

As a result, tens of thousands of servicemen have suffered partial or total hearing loss and are now suing the company with the help of defective earplug lawyers.

The Compensation You Can Seek in a 3M Combat Arms Earplugs Lawsuit

A defective earplugs claim is similar to any other personal injury claim, which means the amount of compensation you can recover depends on the nature and extent of the injuries and other losses you incur. These include:

  •       The costs associated with treating your hearing disorders
  •       Ongoing costs associated with managing your hearing impairment
  •       The costs associated with buying hearing aids and other assistive devices
  •       The cost of prescription medications
  •       Lost wages and benefits
  •       Diminished or loss of earning capacity
  •       Diminished quality of life
  •       Pain and suffering


It should be noted that a defective earplugs claim is a fault-based claim, which means you should be able to establish the company’s liability in order to be compensated. This is precisely why you need to be careful while hiring a defective earplugs lawyer.

There is no doubt that 3M – like any other defendant in a personal injury claim – will vigorously defend themselves against the allegations leveled by the plaintiffs and deny liability. So, the lawyer you hire must be able to gather all the evidence needed to substantiate your claims, negotiate aggressively, and make persuasive arguments in order to be able to recover the compensation you deserve.

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