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High-stakes claims related to catastrophic personal injury, mass tort, and class action in Texas require high profile attorneys. At Trial Power, leading Texas personal injury lawyers Denman Heard and Dana G. Kirk have the skills, decades of experience, and powerful resources to successfully take on large corporations, insurance companies, and government agencies and much more!

Trial Power has a track record of pursuing the most complex and aggressive litigation in the entire nation. We have successfully achieved millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients because we know what it takes to fight these cases and bring them to a favorable conclusion.

Trial Power also collaborates with lawyers across the state of Texas. We leverage our experience and expertise to join forces with other law firms to help them win Texas mass tort and Texas class action lawsuits.

Commercial Vehicle And Tractor Trailer Accidents

The high volume of large commercial vehicles, tractor-trailers, and semi-trailers on Texas and New Mexico highways pose a significant risk for car drivers and motorcyclists. If you or a loved one are involved in a serious accident with a commercial vehicle, it’s crucial to determine the liability of all potentialy esponsible parties. Trial Power will utilize its accident Reconstructionist and other experts to make sure every aspect of the wreck is fully exposed.

The nationaly renowned trial lawyers at Trial Power can help you compose a robust legal strategy in order to obtain the maximum compensation you are entitled to. The Federal Motor Carrier Act and state regulations govern the use of commercial vehicles on the National Highway system. These statues carefully regulate the following potential dangerous situations:

  • Fatigued truck drivers working beyond legally permissible hours
  • Negligent hiring by the employers
  • Training
  • Maintain proper driving record
  • Maitenance of the vehicle

All are examples of activities that are carefully governed by state and federal regulations. Our expertise in the application of these statutes to traffic wrecks involving commercial vehicles in violation of the regulations.

We work with safety experts, accident reconstructionists, and automobile engineers to identify potential vehicle manufacturing defects, road defects, trucking company negligence, and recklessness of the driver to build a comprehensive case for damages. Insurance companies are often more willing to settle when they know you have legal representation from one of the most competent and experienced legal teams in the field of Texas and New Mexico and personal injury practice.

Product Liability Claims

Product liability claims can be far more complex and litigious compared to the usual personal injury lawsuits. The lawyers of Trial Power carry decades of experience and can successfully prosecute claims for personal injuries related to defective products.

If you or your loved ones have been injured by any defective products, call the experts at Trial Power for a FREE analysis of your case.

Power Outage Litigation

Did you or someone you love suffer injuries, property damage, or business losses from the recent devastating power outages and blackouts? At Trial Power, our top-rated personal injury attorneys are determined to hold those responsible accountable for having negligently ignored warnings about the deficiencies in the state’s power assets during peak demand times.

We will charge these negligent parties and establish in court that the storm that led to this catastrophic event was neither unforeseen nor without precedent. We are prepared to file class actions, individual personal injury suits, and wrongful death lawsuits to protect the rights of victims.

Personal Injury Claims under FELA or the Jones Act

Federal Employees Liability Act (FELA) provides coverage for railroad workers who have suffered personal injuries caused by their job duties. The General Act provides coverage for maritime workers who have been injured while working on navigable waters.

If you or someone you love has suffered workplace injuries while working for the railroads or in maritime or the maritime industry, you may have a strong case for compensation under the federal statutes protecting railroad and maritime employees. Trial power can help you successfully make you are your loved ones claim for compensation under these protecting statute.

Business Interruption Due to COVID-19

As a business owner, you may have been paying thousands of dollars in premiums every year to protect against unforeseen business interruptions. At Trial Powerour insurance experts can determine whether your policy provides coverage for the presence of a virus in your business or government orders which interfere with your business. The business losses resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic are enormous. But our attorneys can handle your pandemic litigation, regardless if you are in bankruptcy or not.

If you have suffered substantial business losses and you think your insurance policy should provide coverage, contact Trial Power right away. Our experts will analyze your policy to determine if your business losses can be covered.

When the Stakes Are High, You Need The Best on Your Side

If you were injured due the negligent conduct of a major company or your business has suffered losses, don’t hesitate to call Trial Power.

Denham Heard and Dana G. Kirk are award winning legal experts who have worked together on numerous claims to prosecute high stakes and high dollar trials. Their work combined have assisted many businesses and individuals who were wronged by the illegal acts of corporate America and they can help you too.

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